Ewe Venavi statuette, Togo A figure of the... - Lot 50 - Arthema Auction

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Ewe Venavi statuette, Togo A figure of the... - Lot 50 - Arthema Auction
Ewe Venavi statuette, Togo A figure of the missing twin, this nude female statuette has a light honey patina encrusted with white clay residues. The wood is cracked. The sculpture is adorned with very fine pearl necklaces, forming a concealing bodice around the pubic area. Note the modeling of the large ears and the graceful assembly of the braids. 31 x 8 cm The Ewe, often confused with the Minas, are Togo's largest ethnic group. They are also found as minorities in Ghana, Benin, Côte d'Ivoire and Nigeria. Although little historical information is available about them, it seems that they settled in their current location as a result of invasions and conflicts that broke out during the 17th century. The Ewe consider the birth of twins called Venavi (or Venovi) to be a good omen. The twins are to be treated identically and fairly. For example, both will be fed and washed at the same time, and will wear the same clothes until they reach puberty. If one of the twins dies, the parents buy a statuette to replace the deceased child and contact a fetishist to activate its magical virtues. The statuette will be of the same sex as the child it represents and replaces, but will project itself into the future that the child will not have known, taking on adult features. Source: "Isn't she a doll? E.L Cameron
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