METZ (57) - 2 documents PREMIER EMPIRE. Letter... - Lot 730 - Arthema Auction

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METZ (57) - 2 documents PREMIER EMPIRE. Letter... - Lot 730 - Arthema Auction
METZ (57) - 2 documents PREMIER EMPIRE. Letter from a wife complaining that her husband Christophe GODARD, Baker in the German Army, is not fulfilling his family duties. SUPERB ORNAMED LETTER, letterhead capitals drawn with garlands of flowers. To His Excellency, Monseigneur the Minister of the Interior of the French Empire... begs most respectfully Anne Kol, wife Godard... it has been more than 15 months since she received the 1st cent from her husband, she is left with 4 children, the oldest of whom is 9 years old. The exhibitor's business has been interrupted, and she has been reduced to the most abject poverty, lacking the necessities of life.., the same complaint being addressed a month ago, certified by the members of the Bureau de Bienfaisance and the 1st police officer of the city of Metz, who attest to the exhibitor' s indigence..../.... vous Monseigneur qui est rempli d' humanité pour les oprimés...honorer d' une réponse favorable, la suppliante en aura, ainsi que sa nombreuse famille qui continueront leurs voeux pour la prolongation des précieux jours de votre grandeur. in METZ on August 26, 1809, the exhibitor is domiciled rue du Vivier, derrire la cathédrale de Metz / Moselle - Signature: anne Kol femme a godard. NOTE: a 2nd letter accompanies the request: letter dated September 30, 1809, from the War Administration to Mr. Intendant General of the German Army: the Godard wife complains of the abandonment in which her husband leaves her.../... I invite you to make known.../ order to remind the said Godard of his duties towards his family...
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