Bamileken face mask, Cameroon The African... - Lot 196 - Arthema Auction

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Bamileken face mask, Cameroon The African... - Lot 196 - Arthema Auction
Bamileken face mask, Cameroon The African art of the Bangwa, a Bamileke sub-ethnic group, in the African art of the Grasslands of Cameroon. Residual inlays of "Pe", a mixture of palm oil and padouk wood, a blood-red wood that some people use for ceremonial celebrations and which, after being grated, is preserved in carved wooden containers, alternate with a matt, crusty patina. Protruding features create an expressive physiognomy, characteristic of the Bangwa village. Native repair 40 x 30 cm The Bamoun people live in a region full of both wooded relief and savannah. This large Grassland territory in southwest Cameroon is also home to other nearby ethnic groups, such as the Bamiléké and Tikar. Stylistically, the influence of this inter-ethnic promiximity can be felt in common features on art pieces, such as the tendency to depict chubby figures with bulging eyes among the Tikar, or the use of beads, as is common among the Bamiléké. Among the Bamiléké, as in other ethnic groups, art objects reflected their owner's place in society. Thus, the materials and shapes of objects varied according to social status. The Bamiléké king, also known as the Fon, guarantor of soil fertility and protection of his subjects, was not considered mortal. For this reason, his funeral was a joyous celebration, with the fon simply retiring physically but still watching over his people from his new home.40 x 30 cm
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