Fipa statuette, Tanzania Vigorously carved... - Lot 161 - Arthema Auction

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Fipa statuette, Tanzania Vigorously carved... - Lot 161 - Arthema Auction
Fipa statuette, Tanzania Vigorously carved from light-colored wood, this feminine figure has basic features. A few gestures are all it takes to create an expressive statuette, defined by its simplicity. Light golden wood, velvety surface. Cracks 30 x 8 cm Plexiglas base In the southern coastal region of Tanzania, around Dar-es-Salam, a relatively homogeneous group has produced the bulk of artistic output. It includes the Swahili, Kaguru, Doé, Kwéré, Luguru, Zaramo and Kami peoples. The second region covers southern Tanzania to Mozambique, and is home to the Makonde, Yao, Ngindo, Mwéra and Makua peoples. In northeastern Tanzania, the Chaga, Paré, Chamba, Zigua, Massaï, Iraqw, Gogo and Héhé have an artistic production with similarities to Malagasy and Batak art, which could be explained by trade by sea. The Luo, Kuria, Haya and Ziba, the Kéréwé, Karagwé, Sukuma and Nyamézi are settled in the central-western and central regions of Tanzania. Along the shores of Lakes Tanganyika and Nyasa, and Lake Nyassa, the Ha, Jiji, Bendé, Tongwé, Holoholo, Fipa, Manbwé, Kondé, Kisi and Ngoni produced figurative statues, terracotta carvings and tooth-inlaid masks. Litt. L' Art tribal d'Afrique noire" J.B. Bacquart.
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