Mamy Wata statue from Guinea Mermaid figures... - Lot 160 - Arthema Auction

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Mamy Wata statue from Guinea Mermaid figures... - Lot 160 - Arthema Auction
Mamy Wata statue from Guinea Mermaid figures in African artThe cult of Mami Wata, a female genie associated with the sea, spread from Ghana and then throughout West Africa. This type of sculpture, born in the 30s, is called Yombofisa , Signalou Tiyambo among the Sitem. According to David Berliner, Yombofisa is characterized by a braided hairstyle clinging to the skull, and a mermaid-like body. Also called Yobo-fissa among the Baga Forè, she is the goddess of beauty and water, protecting fishermen and their villages. Known to various Baga groups ("Tambaningo" among the Landuma), she also appears in masks at traditional and festive ceremonies. Lustrous, golden-brown patina with khaki highlights. Desiccation cracks and woodworm damage. Object missing from one hand 58 x 20 cm Mixed with the Nalu and Landuman, the Baga live along the coast of Guinea-Bissau in swampy regions flooded six months a year. These Baga groups, who live on the coast and grow rice, are made up of seven sub-groups, including the Baga Kalum, Bulongic, Baga Sitem, Baga Mandori and others. They believe in a creator god called Nagu , Naku , whom they do not represent, and who is accompanied by a male spirit whose name is Somtup . In addition to the famous Nimba mask, they created a powerful mask, a hybrid of snake, gazelle, chameleon and crocodile, to communicate with the forest spirits. After the rites were abandoned in the wake of Islamization, colonization and conversion to Christianity, the Baga today seek to revive their traditions through festive ceremonies using masks. Ref. : "Baga" D.Berliner 58 x 20 cm
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