Small Markha mask, Warka, Mali This small... - Lot 151 - Arthema Auction

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Small Markha mask, Warka, Mali This small... - Lot 151 - Arthema Auction
Small Markha mask, Warka, Mali This small African mask was used by the N'tomo association of uncircumcised youth. Carved from dense wood, it is framed by braid-like elements on either side of a stylized crest. The nose, the focal point of the face between the heavy, lowered eyelids, also represents the organ of sociability. Dark, oily, locally abraded patina on light wood 25 x 16 cm Sold without base The Marka, Maraka in Bamana, or Warka, are Muslim city-dwellers of Soninke origin, settled in the south of Niger, north of Bambara territory, and have consequently been influenced by the latter, particularly in the design of their masks. In addition to the similarities between Markha and Bambara art, they also share common institutions. They now speak Bamana, but have their own initiatory language, a means of communication in the hands of the initiated. They have adopted many Bambara traditions, such as the Ntomo and Koré initiation societies, which used masks in their ceremonies. Bambara and Marka sculptors of African art are part of the Numuw, who are not bound to one ethnic group and are free to settle wherever they wish.
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