Kumu mask, Komo, DRC Spectacular for its... - Lot 131 - Arthema Auction

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Kumu mask, Komo, DRC Spectacular for its... - Lot 131 - Arthema Auction
Kumu mask, Komo, DRC Spectacular for its polychromy and thick, frowning eyebrows, this circular mask is also highlighted with perforations reminiscent of traditional scarification marks. 28 x 26 cm Total height on base: 41 cm The Kumu, Bakumu and Komo people live mainly in the northeast and central regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their Bantu language is Komo or Kikomo. Several ethnic groups are closely intertwined, with similar associations: the Mbole, the Yela, the Lengola and the Metoko. Their artistic production is also very similar to that of the Metoko and Lengola. Their divination masks were exhibited at the closing ceremonies of the initiation and circumcision of young people in Nkunda society. Indeed, it was in the Maniema region around the Lualaba River and the Great Lakes that Lega sculpture exerted its greatest influence. A costume made of bark textiles and plant fibers concealed the wearer. Biebuck is said to have noted a great similarity between the rituals accompanying the appearance of Kumu masks and those of Lega muminia masks. Litt. "L'âme de l'Afrique" S. Diakonoff; "Art and Life in Africa" C.D. Roy.
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