Teke Biteke protective figure, DRC. This... - Lot 127 - Arthema Auction

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Teke Biteke protective figure, DRC. This... - Lot 127 - Arthema Auction
Teke Biteke protective figure, DRC. This armless Biteke (or "sculpted figure") fetish is coated with a clay agglomerate enclosing three similar, smaller figures. While Teke sorcerers used a variety of sculptures for healing or protection, women also possessed them to promote fertility or protect their offspring. An indigenous restoration has been carried out on one of the feet, still sheathed in rubber. Black and ochre matte patina. 63 x 17 cm Settled between the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon, the Téké were organized into chiefdoms, whose chiefs were often chosen from among the blacksmiths. The head of the family, mfumu , had the right of life or death over his family, whose importance determined his prestige. The head of the clan, ngantsié , kept the great protective fetish tar mantsié , who supervised all ceremonies. It was the powerful sorcerer, healer and diviner who "charged" the individual statuettes with magical elements, in exchange for payment. It was also on his instructions that ancestors were worshipped. Statues with no magical charge were called nkiba, while janiform statues embodied pwaw chiefs.
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