Ngbandi statue, DRC Geometric appearance... - Lot 117 - Arthema Auction

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Ngbandi statue, DRC Geometric appearance... - Lot 117 - Arthema Auction
Ngbandi statue, DRC Geometric appearance for an African statue suggesting a certain physical vigor, the muscularity of the arms and legs being effectively signified. The powerful bust is carved with signs associated with the group's scarification marks. Oiled, golden patina 35 x 12 cm Among the many carved objects relating to hunting and magic, this protective female statuette may represent the Ngbirondo spirit acting as guardian of the village. Funerary statues were also used, as well as sculptures of a yangba couple and their sister, equivalent to the Seto and Nabo ancestors of the Ngbaka. The Ngbaka are a homogeneous people of north-western D.R.C., south of the Ubangui. The Ngbandi live to the east (on the left bank of the Ubangui) and the Ngombe to the south. The initiation of young people, "gaza" or "ganza" (which gives strength) among the Ngbaka and Ngbandi, presents many similarities, through endurance tests, songs and dances. The rites required the presence of sculptures of ancestors. Circumcision and excision were performed after a period away from the village. The closing ceremony was accompanied by musical instruments such as the linga drum and large slit drums.
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