Hemba statuette, DRC ex Zaire Tribal sculpture... - Lot 79 - Arthema Auction

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120 - 180 EUR
Hemba statuette, DRC ex Zaire Tribal sculpture... - Lot 79 - Arthema Auction
Hemba statuette, DRC ex Zaire Tribal sculpture of an ancestor, an intermediary between men and gods, with an oversized head and confident posture. The shaven head is bordered by a frontal diadem composed of a succession of bars. The face is adorned with a beard, associated with the wisdom and experience of the ancestor. Generally made from iroko, these ritual sculptures were venerated by a particular clan and stored in the funeral rooms of the chief's house. Dark brown oiled patina, locally abraded. Base damaged 30 x 10 cm The Hemba, who live in southeastern Zaire on the right bank of the Lualaba river, were long subject to the neighboring Luba empire, which had a definite influence on their culture, religion and art. Ancestor worship, whose effigies have long been attributed to the Luba, is central to Hemba society. Genealogy is the guarantor of privileges and land distribution. All aspects of the community are imbued with the authority of the ancestors. Ancestors were considered to influence justice, medicine, law and sacrifice. Singiti statues were preserved by the fumu mwalo and honored in ceremonies during which sacrifices were offered to them. Parallel to the authority of hereditary chiefs, secret societies, both male, such as the bukazanzi, and female, the bukibilo, played an important role within the clan. (Source: "Trésors d'Afrique, Musée de Tervuren ; "L'Art tribal d'Afrique noire" J.B. Bacquart ; "Fleuve Congo", F.Neyt )
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