Dogon lock with animal motif, Mali An unusual... - Lot 77 - Arthema Auction

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Dogon lock with animal motif, Mali An unusual... - Lot 77 - Arthema Auction
Dogon lock with animal motif, Mali An unusual motif for this Dogon lock, whose central body adopts the shape of a fish. Locks are built on the same principle: a vertical fixed part and a horizontal slide. The surface of the piece is engraved with a fine grid pattern, disappearing in places. Abraded dark patina. 6 x 48 cm Base Locks are reinforced with a protection system closely linked to their own symbolism. The representations found on these locks establish the owner's membership of a clan and show his or her social position. All locks had a name related to the message they conveyed, a person or a story recounting the life or an episode in the life of the owner. The motifs are inspired by Dogon cosmogony. Here we find a large representation of a stylized reptile. Geometric shapes are also present. The intact, functional lock is still firmly anchored. Craftsmen make objects for everyday use. Dogon doors are good examples of their talent. They contain characteristic elements of Dogon cosmogony, according to which the first inhabitants of the Bandiagara area crossed the river on the back of a crocodile. The motifs on doors in Mali are intended to deter intruders, whether human or animal, from entering.
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