Holo statuette, DRC ex Zaire This female... - Lot 71 - Arthema Auction

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Holo statuette, DRC ex Zaire This female... - Lot 71 - Arthema Auction
Holo statuette, DRC ex Zaire This female statuette, dressed in a simple textile loincloth, bears an animal motif sculpted in the round at the top of the head, obviously a mammal, like the heaumes masks used by the ethnic group. These figures, which can be antelope, bird or monkey, refer to tales or proverbs, and the dancer's behavior reflects that of the animal represented. Matte gray-brown patina, with abraded areas 45 x 29 cm Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo between the Yaka and Tchokwé peoples of Angola, the small Holo ethnic group migrated from the Angolan coast to settle near the banks of the Kwango River. They earn their livelihood from hunting and farming. Neighboring ethnic groups, such as the Suku and Yaka, have influenced their traditional sculptures. The Holo produced helmet masks and prestige objects for the ruling elite. The Holo also used statuettes to guard against the influence of evil spirits, including the moon and the rainbow. These statues were placed near dwellings as protection against lightning. Ref.: "Afrique" Coll. Sargos; "Chokwe and their Bantu Neighbours" M.L. Rodrigues de Areia (p.110).
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