Luba head, DRC ex Zaire This fragment of... - Lot 58 - Arthema Auction

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Luba head, DRC ex Zaire This fragment of... - Lot 58 - Arthema Auction
Luba head, DRC ex Zaire This fragment of a Luba sculpture shows a head without a headdress, and details such as fingers at ear level. The figure was probably depicted crouching, arms folded on either side of the face, hands resting on the ears. These were the attitudes of dignitaries during familiar conversations. Erosions, dark granular patina 10 x 12 cm Height on base: 29 cm Sold with base The Luba settled mainly in the Upemba valley and along the banks of the royal Lualaba. This type of protective figure, with its meditative physiognomy, is said to embody an ancestor communicating with guardian spirits, "mvidye", intermediaries between the spiritual world and individuals, and may also embody nature spirits among the Kasai Luba, as well as the first Luba diviner. The Luba mulopwe king partially delegated his powers to local lineage chiefs or secondary chiefs, whom he himself appointed. Like the king, these chiefs used symbols of authority very similar to those of the king, and awarded to them by the latter. These included command staffs, caryatid stools, arrow holders and divination bowls. Dignitaries used them to justify and reinforce their social position. Among our sources: "Luba", F. Neyt; "Trésors d'Afrique" Musée de Tervuren.
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