Figure of a Dengese Isikimanji ancestor,... - Lot 8 - Arthema Auction

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Figure of a Dengese Isikimanji ancestor,... - Lot 8 - Arthema Auction
Figure of a Dengese Isikimanji ancestor, DRC ex-Zaire. Kneeling with his hands on his abdomen, the chief wears a flared headdress topped by a horn. This is typical of headdresses acquired by Totshi chiefs belonging to the ikoho association and evokes particular proverbs. It symbolizes respect, intelligence and maturity. A network of elaborate scarifications, corresponding to symbolic graphics, and others purely decorative, are traced on the body. Abraded black patina. 68 x 15 cm The Ndengese or Dengese are a Central African people from the Kasai region, neighboring the Kuba, who form one of the clans descended from a common Mongo ancestor, some of them from the Upper Nile. They produced statues of primitive art with absent or truncated lower limbs, covered with graphic symbols, symbolizing the prestige of the chief. These statues were placed on the tombs of etotoshi members belonging to the highest level of the ikoho hunting society. In addition to their sculpted objects linked to social prestige, including cups and scepters, their masks are derived from Kuba productions or borrowed from the Kete.
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