Dan Gagon / Maou mask, Ivory Coast A mouth... - Lot 5 - Arthema Auction

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Dan Gagon / Maou mask, Ivory Coast A mouth... - Lot 5 - Arthema Auction
Dan Gagon / Maou mask, Ivory Coast A mouth in the shape of a curved beak, reminiscent of a hornbill, extends from the lower part of this African Dan Maou , Mau mask. With a beard stiffened by ritual plastering, this face, which borrows the look of the Dan zapkei racing mask, hesitates between two natures, becoming a zoomorphic piece. This type of composition is recurrent in African tribal statuary. The eyes are encircled by a fine red cloth, once worn by Senegalese riflemen. Three metal teeth protrude from the mouth. The parallel grooves around the face evoke traditional scarification marks. Velvety dark-brown patina. 36 x 19 cm The Dan people of northern Ivory Coast, known as Yacouba, and the Maou people of Touba (Maouka), after borrowing them from the neighboring Mande people, use them in secret male ceremonies, including the Maou Koma. For the Dan people of Ivory Coast, also known as Yacouba, there are two very distinct worlds: that of the village, with its inhabitants and animals, and that of the forest, with its vegetation and the animals and spirits that inhabit it. For these spirits to settle in, a specific area of the forest is designated and always preserved outside the dan villages. Sacrifices are also required in order to communicate through these spirits. Various types of dan mask have been identified, each with a specific function.
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